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    So I have decieded to plastidip my badging instead of leaving them off. I like having them there just dont want it chrome. Has anyone done so on their truck and if so how did it work out? I have a 1500 LT with the black front end. The only problem is that the back bumper and steps are chrome.....BOOO!!! I was actually thinking about trying the new product they just came out with called smoke because you can gradually get it darker with more layers and can fade if you want. Anyways just looking for opinions.
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    I don't know how Plastidip would work for covering badges. The rugged rubberized texture may not look the best on an exterior and I don't think it holds paint too well. However, it's excellent for its primary purposes. I used it in the cupholders of my custom center console to make them waterproof.
  3. UpsetProps

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    I just did this last night on my SILVERADO emblems on the sides and tailgate.

    Never used PlastiDip before.

    All I can say is it is INCREDIBLY easy and the flat black looks great against my glossy black truck.

    Check out for lots of how to videos and tips.

    I taped a box around the letters but did not tape between each letter or inside letters like D or O. First coat nice and light, 2 - 3 more coats thicker letting it dry 5 - 10 mins between coats. Let it dry 30 min at the end and then peeled the tape off and the overspray around the letters. Used a toothpick to get the overspray out from inside the O and D etc.

    Overall time including prep, paint and clean up was 1hr to 1.5hrs.

    I will be doing the chrome on my rear bumper today and my rims next week.

    As far texture, it should only look real bumpy and rugged if you spray your coats either too heavily or to quickly between coats.

    If you lay down a light base coat and work up from there, spraying from about 6" the texture comes out quite smooth.

    If you check out youtube or the site I linked above there are lots of videos. In fact yesterday when I picked it up from the supplier there was a guy there with a $60,000 BMW that he had just PlastiDip'd the entire car. It looked sick.

    You can also buy a Glossifier product from them to spray over the dip if you don't want a flat colour.

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  4. Coach24

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    Sounds intriguing. As well as very easy application. Post pictures of yours?
  5. UpsetProps

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    Here is a crappy camera phone shot of the emblem when it was done. Sorry no pics of the process. If I have time today while I do the bumpers I will take pics but I'm trying to get work done and do the bumper before I leave on a road trip lol.

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  6. Coach24

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    You did a fine job. I like the look against the shiny paint . It looks kinda stealth like.
  7. UpsetProps

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    Here is my fast and sloppy tape job for the rear bumper as well as the first coat just after I sprayed it.

    It looks quite blotchy until it dries and then it flattens out almost completely. Even on 2nd and 3rd coats right after you spray it can look bubbly but will go down as long as you didn't really soak it.

    Best part is if you do mess up you can just peel it off and start over.

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  8. UpsetProps

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    Here is one side complete before I took the tape off.

    Better pictures of the whole back of the truck and hopefully with a better camera once I'm back in town next week.

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  9. Sierraowner5.3

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    looking good dude! i may have to look into that for my truck. how does the plastidip work for abrasion resistance, kinda wondering how it would hold up long term...

  10. Jimmeh

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    It doesn't hold up for a long time Alex unless you put on multiple coats. I used it originally on sections of my headache rack and it was fine for a couple of months, but prolonged throwing of items on top scratched it pretty easily.

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