Please help! ABS light must go out!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by StuckonGM, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. StuckonGM

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    I found the problem code and repaired the wheel speed sensor. Afterwords re-scanned and no codes, but the ABS light is still on. I need to get the state inspection, my time is now out and I cannot drive the van on the road with an expired sticker. PA inspection will not pass when the ABS light is on and the shops charge over $100 to scan and turn off. I have an Actron with ABS reader that I was told would reset the fault codes and lights but there are no directions on how or if this can be done. Do I need a different scanner? I can exchange what I have now. If the battery was disconnected would that work?

  2. TRPLXL2

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    What year of vehicle are we talking about?? If its newer 04+, disconnect the battery cables and holes them together for about 5 seconds then reconnect them. This resets the bcm, which is what controls the abs function.
  3. RayVoy

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    Actually, ABS has it's own computer, the BCM is not involved.
    Some codes can be reset by disconnecting the battery cables, however, the battery must be disconnected for at least 10 min.
    Depending upon the code, it may not reset.

    And, speaking about codes. A lot of code readers will ready PCM codes; but will not read a lot of other codes. ABS codes are usually not read by the inexpensive parts store readers.
  4. StuckonGM

    StuckonGM New Member

    I have the Actron 9580 series which does scan and read ABS. No directions for use, either in the package or the company web site. I will try the battery later today otherwise I'm stuck and I don't want to buy a $2000 scanner just to turn off a light.

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