please help my cd player is locked!!!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by dannyboy1015, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I have a 04 silverado a while back I had installed a 05 SS cd player and I took out my battery and I locked it by doing that is there any way I can unlock it???? The guy who did everything for me moved so I'm stuck!!! I'm trying to avoid going to the dealership and paying them 70 bucks to do it please help guys thanks alot the cd player is delphi I have part # if u need it
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    Hi there, sorry to tell you this but you most likely are going to have to go to the dealership for it. Hopefully they'll be able to unlock it for you, but I don't know if they'll actually have the code for it either. If I remember right I think we had a few others here that had the same problem as you. good luck.
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    If it is an RDS radio you will have to get dealer help.


    Re: 00 impala rds radio unlock?
    Yes, a dealer can reset it. I did the same thing, upgraded my factory AM/FM/cassette to the one that includes CD. Got mine off ebay. The dealer started to give me a hard time about charging me like 40 bucks to do it. I said what, for a tech to hook up the computer under the dash and punch a few buttons, for less than 5 minutes of work you want to charge me what? He gave in and a tech took the computer (code reader type) to the parking lot, plugged into OBDII jack, punched a few buttons and I was good to go. No charge. All with the wife and 2 kids in the car, too.

    What they are doing is "marrying" the VIN to the radio memory, so that when the BCM performs the security checks on startup, it recognizes the radio as belonging to the car.

    If you go in there knowing what you are talking about, they quickly loose interest in trying to scare you about it being some fancy, elaborate thing. Same with most any service. If you know what you are talking about, they loose the advantage and they know it quickly. If they insist on charging you, tell them you will give them 5 minutes worth of labor, or (if labor is $70/hr)$5.83. Just kidding. Most places have a minimum labor charge. But don't let them charge you more than the minimum!
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    I had this happen on a 2001 S-10 w/ a delphi radio, and it ended up going to the dealer.
    I also had my 2005 Silverado w/ Bose stereo in it happen, ended up taking it to the dealer.
    I never got charged either way, they said it happens all the time and had it fixed in five minutes!

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