please help! No power, Squealing, Shaking

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by csz4296, Nov 18, 2012.

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    i have a 1998 GMC sierra 2500 4x4 extended cab short box SLE , The other day i went to the store when i put my truck in drive and started to move my truck started to shake violently , start started rocking like no other and after a few feet it started to drive normal and now it seems like i no power , in any gear and now when i put it in drive i hear a screeching sound, i thought it might have been a u-joint so went under and its solid please help i need this truck for work as i like out of town
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    Have you popped the hood and started the truck. You could have a seized pully, that would cause your screeching sound. Where was the shaking originating from? Engine? Rear end? Front end? Does that truck have rear drum brakes? I wonder if something happened to one of the rear brakes and it is dragging causing you feeling of no power. We need more information, There are so many things it could be with the information that was given

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