Please help...readiness monitors not set

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by m2customsracing, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I have searched every thread post and forum on the net and can not get the answer. No service garage nor dealer has helped. The problem is when i went for emissions i was told there are 5 readiness monitors not set. So after talking to shops and the dealer i was told to do a drive cycle. I did what i was told with a stop watch to make sure i didnt short my time. Went back to the emissions and was told three readiness monitors not set. So i did another drive cycle as well as 125 miles of normal driving. Went back and five readiness monitors not set. Im stumped no check engine light no codes truck runs perfect egr opens and closes. I dont know what to do and dont have 800$ to stick in it to get a weiver. Please any help all fuses are good every thing is stock except the radio. 245000 miles 4.3 vortec vin w 4x4 it is a 1996 gmc sonomaplease email me [MENTION=12105]mikeb[/MENTION]lazer[MENTION=40045]rocket[/MENTION] with any help. I need a truck and cant afford to be with out a vehicle

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