PLEASE HELP: Truck making weird noise!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by iAintNoHick, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. iAintNoHick

    iAintNoHick New Member

    My truck has been making this noise for the past few weeks now. It only happens when I turn the wheel left, not right. What is it?

    YouTube- steering noise
  2. jedepsub

    jedepsub Rockstar

    Have you checked p/s pump or gear box?
  3. iAintNoHick

    iAintNoHick New Member

    not yet. I thought it wouldn't be that cause it only makes the noise when I turn left. My dads needed p/s fluid and it sounded different than this. Hopefully I'm just low on p/s fluid. I will check tomorrow
  4. ahm1127

    ahm1127 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I would say your pump
  5. etpn13

    etpn13 Member

    mine made that noise when turning to the right only on my 01 and i replaced the fluid w/ stop leak and that fixed for a couple days but pretty sure it was the gear box causing but traded after adding a little more stop leak to make it quit while i was trading. and the gear box at advance auto was gonna be like 180 to replace.
  6. iAintNoHick

    iAintNoHick New Member

    p/s fluid is good

    checked the fluid and it's good. stopped by the shop and he said that they typically go out first on the left side. might try to drain fluid and put some new fluid in. Maybe some lucas for p/s as well.

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