Please, NEED HELP ASAP, gm passlock?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by jaden5012, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I have a 98 Chevy k1500 z71. The problem I am having is that every once and a while my truck takes a while to start. When I put the key in and turn, the engine turns over, starts up, then immediately turns off. The security light blinks 5 times. This continues for anywhere from 10min to 45min. Then out of the blue the trucks starts and doesn't happen again for nearly a week. Here is what I know, I have checked fuses, disconnecting the battery, leaving key in for 5+ min, none help. Problem didn't happen until I had the ignition re keyed because the key had worn out. After doing some research I came to the conclusion that it could be the Pass lock? so I had the Chevy dealer replace it and they said that they had no idea what was going on, since it didn't happen while the truck was there. Here is a video of what is going on, . This happen this afternoon, and now the truck WILL NOT START. If anyone can please give me guidence that would be awesome. Thanks so much for the time.

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    I had the same problem on my 96 a while back, CHECK ALL THE POWERWIRES GOING TO THE ECM AND FUSE BOX...ONLY THE MAIN ONES..I bet one is either coroded or broken or loose !!!!!

    OH, and your video is up side
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    haha, will do. thanks so much man.
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    when you leave the ignition in the run position this resets the tumblers to match the key, thats why it will start after a few minutes.i have tried a new key(no good) spray carb cleaner into the keyhole to clean pins(no good). i was told the key or the tumbler was worn.still have to change tumble yet. hopefully one of these will work for you.
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    You can bypass the Passlock if you can splice the proper resistor into the switch circuit at the base of the steering wheel under the dash.

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