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Discussion in 'Chevy Volt Forum' started by dadngt, Mar 16, 2012.

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    First off I would own a hybrid but wouldn't trade my silverado for one unless it was a hybrid silverado lol. Anyways With all the new electric cars popping up that charge by pluging into your home electrical outlets, What does this do to your electric bill? Save $4.00 a gallon on gas but your electric bill triples I may be wrong & most likely I am. But just wondering if that would happen. Also what is the charge time for them is it quick or does it take all night.

    I had an idea for long distance travel if the battery got low that several spots in the hightways (interstates) have some kind of area that when the car passes over it gives a quick charge to the battery to last a few more miles. but of course that would be like free gas.

    How many people would be pirating electric now. Find an electric car parked next to a shop after hours because they had an exterior electric outlet.

    When we have good in the world there will always be bad.
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    I have heard it takes like 10hrs to recharge them. I have never looked itno it. I guess I am to much of a cave man.

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