po171 & po174

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    po171 & po174

    I recently turboed my truck and its running like poop. i got a retune so far. but this is whats going on.... i cold start the truck and the AFR is 17-20 " lean" for almost a munite then it will level out. but if i put the truck in drive or reverse 1/2 the time it dies. if im crusing it will read between 14.5-15.5 AFR. but if i give it any boost and let out the AFR will go stright to 20 and the truck shutters alittle then it levels back out again. it also wants to die when i come to a stop. ive been trying to check for leaks and ive replaced the plugs, wires, during the swap. new hoses on the pcv valve. never touched anything ariound the intake manifoild. and the truck ran fine prior? ive also sprayed carb cleaner twice and havent found anything any ideas?

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    so far this is what i've checked.... Cleaned the MAF, made sure all the cold side piping was secure, replaced the pcv hoses, made sure the intake manifoild bolts were snug, made sure the o2 sensors were snug, installed new exhaust gasket. snug down the manifoild gaskets, then sprayed carb cleaner around everything. only thing i havent done.... tried a buddies MAF sensor, replaced intake gaskets... bout all i can think of and i got a retune on the way soon.... the truck ran fine before the swap and i didnt touch the intake at all? i did how ever change the rockers and springs. would a valve cover gasket mess with it? or even the oil dump tube mess with it?
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    Since you have checked plenty of things I will bump to hopefully get others to respond.

    Could be as simple as needing the tune to compensate for the increased air of the turbo, after tune may need larger injectors.

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