Polyurethane vs. Aluminum Leveling kit???

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by carrfire, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. carrfire

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    What's up everyone,
    I'm new here but have been browsing for a few months. I currently have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 2WD 4.8L. So far I have removed the air valence, tinted the side windows, put an 18" magnaflow muffler on, debadged and added a K and N air filter. In the future I will level, put 285 BFG's on it, bed caps, bed mat, tonneau cover and hitch receiver. Within the next week I will level the front end. On my 2002 and 2005 Silverados I had the Daystar polyurethane coil spring spacer and loved it. On the 2008 it looks like the options have changed. All of the places where I live either go daystar or pro comp strut spacer. Daystar being polyurethane and procomp being aluminum. I wanted to know your opinions on which is better/more preffered and why?
    Thanks for your help,

  2. deepstuff

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  3. PearlWhiteLTZ

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    I recently did a readylift leveling kit front and rear. They use aluminum spacers on the top and bottom.
    Correct me if im wrong, but most of the poly kits mount under or above the coil spring itself rather than on top of the strut. I haven't researched the brands you are looking at, but in my opinion, I want metal in there, not plastic. Poly is strong, but I just wouldn't trust it.
    If the kit is like the readylift kit, there is no need for poly. Poly parts are used in areas which require a little flexibility and movement. The strut is solidly mounted on top and below on our trucks.
    just my .02
  4. deepstuff

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    The poly kits I have been considering mount either on top of the strut or on the bottom. I like the top because it just looks stronger. I worry about aluminum corroding with all the road salt around here so I' thinking steel or poly would be best for me? Any opinions?
  5. PearlWhiteLTZ

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    I really don't think salt corrosion would become a big deal...Your engine block is aluminum, drive shaft, transmission cases....The aluminum spacers may not look as shiny as they were after a couple years, but as for structural integrity, i dont see it ever being an issue. You dont see the spacers anyway..
    again, just my .02
  6. deepstuff

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    But won't the aluminum in contact with steel be a problem.
  7. ajarman

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    ReadyLift puts tons of money in their R&D. I ran that level kit and loved it. Everyone I have talked to in person or on the forum has loved their ReadyLift level kit.
  8. PearlWhiteLTZ

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    What issues would there be between mounting aluminum to steel?? Its not like threading an aluminum bolt into a steel part or vise versa...Once its in there, its not going anywhere. Maybe over a long period of time, if you go to remove it, you might need to smack it with a hammer, but there should be no problems otherwise..
    I'd do the readylift again in a heartbeat...So far, I've installed in addition to my own, 2 other kits on friends trucks..After a few months of driving...No issues. Not that i expected any, The leveling kits are so simple for these trucks..
  9. deepstuff

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    Galvanic Corrosion?

    Are you in an area where they use road salt?
  10. PearlWhiteLTZ

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    I live in the road salt capital of the world...New England...Near nyc where everyone whines and complains when they can't take thier SL500 AMG out in a snow storm because the roads aren't clear....This new calcium chloride stuff they are using is far worse and makes little orange spots on the paint...Hate it! I'm also not the type of person who goes the entire winter without washing their car or truck.

    If you are really that concerned about Galvanic Corrosion, get the poly spacers and sleep better at night..

    Just my opinion..

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