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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ministock8, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. ministock8

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    I'm not really sure if i even have a problem but it seems my new 08 silverado 6.0 vortec is kind of slow to respond when i step on the pedal. also it seems kind of sluggish maintaining speed when going up a slight grade. in order to maintain speed i have to push the gas down to the point where i basically am forcing it to kick down to a lower gear. when leaving from a standing start there is a very noticeable delay between depressing the throttle and movement.
    my company has basically the same truck only an 03 with a 5.7 and that thing takes off like a rocket compared to my new one.
    is anyone having the same problems with this year and model?
    it would really annoy me to take it to the dealer and they say nothing is wrong
  2. MWright936

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    I couldn't say for sure, but it doesn't sound right to me...especially with the 6.0. Mine has the 5.3 and it had absolutely no trouble getting moving, but it's a 2005. Maybe they changed something in the 08 models. What gears is it running?
  3. 572ysc

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    Could be a wet connection on the spark plugs(washing the engine bay), wire (coil pack) this can cause a delay when you floor the pedal and the motor revs like 5 msec later but wont go up real high in rpm. Also it can be caused by a clogged castalytic converter or exhaust system but this is pretty unlikely for it beeing a new car. Check the air filter, but again its a new car.

    Hope this may solve the problem.:sign0196:

    Im guessing the wet coil packs, spark plug wires and plugs are the problem!

    Check the spark plug hole the the spark plug gets screwed in and see if there is water in one of them.

    AHHHH have you done any mods to the truck like a camshaft, it could be caused be the timing beeing of.
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  4. dwill3015

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    I'm betting an aftermarket cold air intake would help. My Wife's suburban experienced the same symptoms with slow response from take-off and sluggish low-end performace. As soon as i installed a K&N FIPK (fuel inijection performance kit) intake system on it, it woke right up and the sluggish, slow-response went away. She is very happy about the way it performs but it I was driving it I would go one step further with aftermarket exhaust and a programmer. Your 2500HD crew cab is a big heavy truck and you need all you can to get it moving. That's why I'm glad I got the Duramax 6.6 turbo diesel in my 2500HD because the gross vehical weight on my build sheet is 9210 lbs. andwith aftermarket garb and a lift plus 35" wheels and tires, i'd say I'm pushing 10K (WOW, 5 tons!). and a daily driver to boot and still getting 17+mpg. in-town!
  5. ministock8

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    thanks for the replies. i don't know how the plug wires would get moisture on them since i've never washed the motor. as far as any mods i've done there are none. as far as i'm concerned it's under warranty so i have no business under the hood. the only thing i can think it could be is maybe traction control. my old truck that i traded for this one was an 02 silverado short bed with a 4.8 and it would take right off from a standing start even when towing a trailer though it would be really working to do it thats why i bought this one hoping the big truck would have an easier time of it. i do realize theres a huge difference in the weight of the 2 trucks but i would think the horsepower to weight ratio would be the same or be greater in the bigger truck. i guess i'll have to take it to the dealer and let them check it out. i just wanted to know if anybody experienced the same type of problem
  6. crane3447

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    I have driven quite a few different amercian V8's. As best as I can tell they have all had that same little qrirck. Didn't matter who makes it. Air intake helped me a lot. I have also noticed that with tall gears like your 4.10's, you could fell it a little more.
  7. tqzar

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    Poor Throttle Response 2008 6L Silverado

    I am a nubee here....HELLO!

    While it is great on the road, I too have noticed a serious lack of throttle response on my 08 6L. You wait quite a while befoe anything happens. It it is not "typical of American V8s". My Corvettes all have outanding throttle rersponse and my older GM trucks were noticeably better.

    Unfortunately, I also think your dealer will tell you its normal. How did that turn out?

    I have a K&N CAI to install and hopefully that will improve it. I have been looking at a programmer to also change the terribly slow transmission and firm up the shifts. It seems like they programmed these trucks like Buicks for bluehairs.

    I would apprciate any feedback from those with newer trucks and what they did to imporve the slow throttle response and slow shifts. Thanks to all. :happy:

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