Popcorn prices go up. Guess why?

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  1. Cableguy

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    Popcorn Prices Soaring for Surprising Reason

    Wednesday July 11, 2007
    CityNews.ca Staff
    In the coming weeks and months, it could cost you more to go to the movies. No, the price of a ticket isn't going up again. But if you like a little popcorn with your flick, you may have to shell out a few more kernels from your wallet to buy it. And the reason may surprise you. It has nothing to do with the tasty morsels and everything to do with ethanol.
    The demand for one of the main ingredients that helps create the lower cost and more environmentally friendly fuel has soared, and that's led to an increase in orders for corn across North America and especially in the U.S., where most of the world's popcorn supply is grown. As demand goes up, so does the price, rising more than 40 percent since 2006. The result - suppliers are being charged more for it and they're passing those costs along to you.
    That means the salty snack could wind up costing you more whether you go to the movies or simply make a bowl or microwave a package while watching a flick at home. The Popcorn Board - and yes there really is such an entity - estimates 30 percent of all munching goes on in cinemas, while 70 percent happens at home. But no matter where you eat it, there's a good chance you'll be paying more for the privilege.
    "I think (ethanol is) going to have a uniform effect on all geographical areas that produce popcorn," believes Dennis Kunnemann of AK Acres Popcorn, a company that purchases, processes and sells the kernels to retailers. "This year, we've paid the highest price ever that I've contracted for, 13 cents a pound," compared with 9 cents per pound in 2006. Some companies, like the makers of Jolly Time, have also hiked prices, but have held off on its microwave brand waiting to see where the market's going. But if it goes where analysts expect, they may not wait long.
    All of which means if you're going to see a so-called 'popcorn movie' this summer, the real eye popping drama may not be on the screen. It could wind up being shown on the price board at the concession stand.
  2. GM_Guy

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    now we'll be seeing price gouging for popcorn
  3. TrailLeadr

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    You've already been seeing price gouging for popcorn.

    The theater only get's about 10% of the ticket sales from the box office. The rest goes to the production house that owns the movie. So to make up for the lack of profits, they over charge the daylights out the food sold at concession stands.
    This is the major reason why they don't like to allow you to bring your own snacks, as it cuts into their profits.

    Undoubtedly cinemas will take advantage of the opportunity to raise their prices across the board, while they are raising prices on popcorn.
  4. tbplus10

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    My wife was a theater manager for a few years I was surprised when she told me how the profits from theaters were distributed.

    If the price of popcorn rises I hope the farmers that grow it see some of the profit. The farming industry has had some lean years.
  5. Bonzai01

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    Hemp actually produces more usable configurations for fuel, grows more easily, produces more tonnage per acre and has hundreds of other uses as well. Everyone (including past presidents) grew hemp for cloth, rope, medicine, the list is endless. Don't believe?? Do some reading and research, hemp usage was killed thru political lobbying by the major pharmaceutical companies of the time because they couldn't compete with the natural medicinal values of hemp/cannabis with their "man-made" drugs. Legalization with regulation (ie-alcohol) will bring popcorn and the price of housing prisoners (4 out of 10 non-violent offenders) down, the regulation part would stuff the coffers of the taxing authorities, bring sanity to the spending for the "war on drugs", and allow many ailing medical patients the freedom to choose... Times really don't change much do they...the major players owned us then, as they do now.:rules: Whew... Give me a hand down off this soap box would ya? Kerry.
  6. Cableguy

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    WTG Kerry. That was like Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech...Go take a nap now you deserve it!:great:
  7. Bonzai01

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    :rofl: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:sleep: Thanks Cable, by the way, check out my music at http:www.mixposure.com click on bandfinder under artists, type in kerry martin. The site had a major collapse about a week ago but I think the link is working now. Kerry.
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  8. 95CTburb19

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    I always bring my own candy to the movies and until they set up a reese's pieces detector at the entrance, I plan to continue!
  9. Cableguy

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    Cool :great:! Bit of a guitar player myself. I cover alot of Sharon,Louis and Bram ( You know skinna merinkie dinkie Doo, ...ILove you) :rofl:

    Actually I've always played stuff like Robert Cray, SRV, Jimmie Vaughan, Jeff Beck. Semi-modern Blues.

    BTW I own a 1984 American Fender Strat
  10. MD4x4 Fireman

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    Kerry, I just learned alot off what you said. :) you need to write a book or something....

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