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    My son just purchased a 2006 Silverado 1500. The front wheels have a noticeable camber issue. Truck had a plow on it with the previous owner. Since been removed. Took it to a respectable alignment shop and they said it was all set. It still has that same inward leaning front tires. It is the same on both sides. Tire shop said they didn't know what was causing it. Don't know how many miles are on the rubber but the outside edge is showing wear. Due to the weight of the plow is there something that may have been added to make up for this and now that its not on maybe it has to be removed. We compared components to my truck and everything appears the same. He is planning on a leveling kit in the near future and tires too but is concerned he will chew through them quickly. Any help will be appreciated. About 92000 miles if that helps and 5.3l.
  2. j cat

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    I do my own alignments ..got pissed off that these untrained tire jockys are screwing with my vehicle. back in 2000 I aligned my new truck because the dealership refused to. with the truck had 5,ooo miles on it I found that the height had dropped. I then re checked the alignment and found that the toe was positive . I then set the torsion bars to increase the truck height as when new and the toe returned to what I had set it.

    on the camber this I have found was not an issue . the camber is about O ..tires set flat and do not angle out or in . with a heavy load on the front end the camber may have been tweaked to properly keep the tires at the proper camber. when the load is removed the tires should stick out at the top and in at the bottom .. this will chew up the outer edge of both tires and also reduce MPG.. the tires should set flat to the ground..

    I got 92,000 on the OEM tires all the same wear 30 % tread left. now I have the same brand tire and this set I have 65,000 miles.. I only purchased I set of tires now with 150,000 plus on it.

    your gonna need a repair alignment shop not some un trained tire guy with un calibrated equipment.
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    Along with @j cat, I was thinking of a repair shop with alignment techs, maybe while plowing, something got bent. Something that is causing the camber problem. Something that should be repaired before the camber is adjusted.
  4. j cat

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    If the torsion bars are cranked to the max height and or the torsion bars have a lift key to increase the lift force with the plow weight this will cause your effect..

    if the front end is at the proper height the front CV axles should be straight. the joints should not have any angles. then this is the proper height.

    when the vehicle is lifted from the aligned settings the toe is negative , and the camber will be off causing the top of the tire to be out and the bottom in ..
  5. BRB46

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    Thanks for the replies. The keys don't appear to be cranked up all the way as there is about 1" of thread remaining. Truck still sits with a rake but not sure if it is at factory setting. Any idea what i should look at that might be bent that would cause that condition. Even if the keys were cranked, shouldn't they have been able to align it. the same shop did my alignment after I installed my leveling kit. Mine looked the same after I did my leveling kit prior to alignment.
  6. j cat

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    are the front CV joints straight ?

    the keys can be changed to increase the lift. also the ride is harsh it the lift is too much no up bounce.

    the camber change could have been done by using a alignment kit to properly adjust for the plow loading.
  7. BRB46

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  8. Scsilverado01

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    I'm having a positive camber issue as well. I have lift keys on my 01 1500 4x4 with Moog upper control arms that allow +2 degrees. I still have positive camber after realigned twice....Did you ever come up with anything...I know this is an old thread
  9. BRB46

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    He installed the Rough Country 2" leveling kit and bigger tires but never resolved the camber issue. Sold the truck last July. Sorry I don't have a solution. It needed a pitman arm and tie rod ends so we installed the Moog brand ones but that was recommended by the alignment shop. There was too much play in them but it never made a difference on camber issue. Nor did I expect it to.

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