possible 12v switched anywhere?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by crash6x86, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. crash6x86

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    I've searched everywhere, well it seems like it looking for a possible 12v switched at the radio harness for an aftermarket xm radio I am installing in my 2003 avalanche with Bose. I was wondering if the amp trigger can be used to turn the xm radio on at the turn of the key. I don't need it to stay on when the key is turned off. If that doesn't work if there is a switched wire somewhere near at the dash. Any help would be appreciated. I had someone install one in my 2006 Malibu maxx but I never looked to see how it was attached and probably a bit different than the avalanche.
  2. Kelmannen

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    Well, if you have the Cable harness in reach you should be able to find at least 2 cords with +12v and if you then turn of the key only one of then should have power, the one who doesn't have it is the switched one, that's how it has been in all my cars at least... Don't own a avalanche however :-\ hope it helps you
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    I just installed a Kenwood in my 03 Silverado with the Bose. The harness I had came with a red wire that I ran under the gauge cluster and over to the left hand panel. I'll get a picture today of where that wire went to.

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