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    Your current vehicle must be a Tacoma, their the only manufacturer to offer a factory electronic diff lock at this time. Consider the GM locker to be something like an automatic, it locks independently of whether the trucks in 4wd or 2wd and with no interaction of the driver other than hitting the skinny pedal. I have a Tacoma also and I can tell you action and reaction of the lockers on these two vehicles are nothing a like. I wish my Chevy had an electronic locker like the Tacoma's.
    I've seen a few people rewire the Fog lights to work in tandem with the high beams, and I've also heard dealerships voiding warranty on electronics when this is done. The lighting system interacts with the body module computer, which is why dealerships void the warranty.
    Thats a nicely loaded truck, very similar to my 2011, I'm very satisfied with my 2011 as a commute and tow rig, gets the job done with no fuss and returns decent fuel mileage most times, I have had a few trips where the mileage dropped less than I felt it should but on the upside every trip is done in comfort with a minimum of driver fatigue.
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    Howdy all. I might be buying a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado LT Z71 4x4 crew cab. Here is the build specs on it.

    LT 1 Option package
    Summit White
    Ebony cloth trim interior
    5.3 V-8 flex fuel
    6 speed auto tranny
    Tailgate lock
    Seat adjuster (Drivers side)
    Glass deep tented
    Air bags - side mounted, side impact
    Remote start
    Airbags - head curtain, side impact
    Power door locks
    Uplevel bench seat
    Floor covering: Color keyed carpet with floor mats
    Front and rear floor mats
    Body side moldings
    Defogger rear window, electric
    Multi zone climate control
    Power, heated electric mirrors
    Locking rear differential
    3.42 rear axle
    Power adjustable pedals
    Integrated trailer brake
    Cruise control
    High capacity air cleaner
    Heavy duty cooling system
    Transmission cooling system
    18x8 aluminum wheels
    Transfer case Electronic autotrac w/ rotary dial controls
    Skid plates
    Convenience package
    All-star edition
    SiriusXM Satellite radio
    Rear parking assist
    On star
    Homelink garage door opener
    Steering wheel radio controls
    Rearview camera
    Tow package

    Now since it has been a while since I have looked at new GM vehicles, what are the common problems to look for on these vehicles? Also, what are their strengths?

    A few other questions. Is there a way to rig up the fog lights to where they will turn on whenever I want them too? Also, where is the rear locker at on this truck? On my current vehicle I have a rear diff lock button to push. Also, does the rear diff lock only work in 4 lo? If so, how do you mod it to where it will also work in 2 hi or 4 hi?

    Back in December, I sold my 97' GMC Sierra K1500 4x4 extended cab. I was the 2nd owner of it and it was well maintained. I bought it in 2004 with 98k on it and sold it with 153k on it. It was a good truck but little things kept breaking on it. Mainly the inner door handle pieces and the oil cooler lines constantly leaked. Didn't matter how often they were replaced, they would only last 3-6 months and then leak again. With my family, they are all GM people so I grew up with the full size trucks and Camaro's but I am worried about longevity or re-occurring problems. So if you all could please help educate me, it would be much appreciated!

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    I forgot to ask, where the the Chevy trucks now made?

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