possible bad actuator? need input

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    New to the forums, so I hope this is the right place to post this.

    Recently just bought an 07 Silverado, love everything about it. But the other day I replaced the driverside door latch cable and thought everything was fine. But that night I noticed the automatic door lock wouldn't work. It wouldn't unlock when I hit the FOB but would lock with the FOB and not engage the driving auto lock, the passenger door works just fine. I later take off the panel, check the connections of the cables, check the fuses, nothing out of the ordinary that I can spot. (Just to confirm) When I look at the manual lock rod it is simply connected to one metal lever, correct? After a while, I can't find the problem and assume it's the actuator giving out, since it is an 07. I then start to put the door panel back together and check all the switches to make sure everything else still works. All the switches work, but now it won't lock or unlock, it must be manually done on the tab on top of the door panel. I don't hear any noises like it's trying to do it or hear any movement inside. But the passenger door works just fine with the FOB and auto driving lock. I'm about to order an actuator assuming that is the problem. I did a search on the forum and couldn't find anything specific. I appreciate any input and advice since I'd rather not give the dealership $300, if I can do it myself. Thanks in advance!
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    so the FOB works good passenger side but not the driver side . check that there is voltage across the actuator on the driver side . check the wiring/connectors to the driver side actuator .

    the door wiring can be a tough one to find. if its not working at all you should be able to track it down with a wiring diagram. I would go to ALLDATA and join to get the diagrams.

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