possible body swap.

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by rivercricket, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. rivercricket

    rivercricket New Member

    Im looking into getting another 91-98 k1500 but right now all the ones that are ext cab in my area are junk. there are some decent 3500/2500 crew cabs and some real nice standard cabs. my question is if anyone knows how hard it would be to put an ext cab body (cab& bed) on the standard cab chassis before i dive into it. and maybe a crew cab for that matter. as i know gm use a similar frame for years what range of years will be the same if not very similar. thank you all for your help.
  2. moogvo

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    Almost as hard as it would be to make it into a Dodge. You can't put an extended cab AND a bed on a short wheelbase frame unless you cut the frame and weld in more frame. It would cost you more to do that than it would to buy another truck.

    Keep watching Craigs. There are new trucks on there every day.
  3. rivercricket

    rivercricket New Member

    Do you think a k1500 suburban frame might work? if i really wanted to i can do all of that im just lookin for a simple, pull off the old put on the new.
  4. Boonduff

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    Ext cab, crew cab, reg cab and the Suburban frames are all different lengths and will not interchange.

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