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    i have a 91 sle s15 jimmy 2dr with the moonroof and as luck would have my hinges broke. also they are a discontinued part even better lol. anyone have any idea on who still can get them or do any of yall have spares to sell. i would greatly appreciate it. thank you

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    the part no is 15578904 from gm. anyone can help me find out who has them i will deeply appreciate it. duck tape on your roof looks kinda crappy.
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    Good luck on that, i had a horribel time trying to find those exact parts for my 95 grand prix, the reality was is that you just cant get them you have to get an entire new track assembly for the moonroof. I wound up just drilling some holes and putting some bolts in so that the piece of glass would rest on them and not leak in rain, it just wasnt worth the cost and time as the one moonroof I found at a junkyard was priced almost the same as a new one.

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