Possible electrical or ignition problem. 2003 Yukon XL ~160K mi.

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by yukonstein, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. yukonstein

    yukonstein New Member

    My wife started the truck today, and phoned me to say the ABS and brake warning lights were on. She could feel no difference with the brake pedal so she carefully drove home. Along the way she realized the digital temp and compass display in the RV mirror were out, and the AC was blowing warm. She stopped and turned the truck off, then started it again. All warning lights went through the normal start-up sequence, the mirror display came on, and the AC blew cold. No more brake or ABS warning.

    When she came home I had her stop and start the truck again so I could watch. Nothing unusual. At idle the battery guage went from just shy of the halfway mark to sitting just on the high side of the halfway mark (isn't that really the alternator guage?). All other guages appeared normal. We turned climate control off then on again. I could hear the AC kick in just like normal. I expected some movement in the battery guage with the extra load but really didn't see any.

    Is what my wife noticed when she started the truck for the first time an early indication of trouble in the ingnition wiring, the fuse or relay panel, or something else?

  2. davinnyjk09

    davinnyjk09 New Member

    now im not sure how the gauges work on suburbans but i also have an 05 f150 and the A/C is connected with the cluster along with interior lights and other stuff... don't ask me why. I have heard that an overcharging alternator could cause the gauges to flip out and the A/C to shut off. you may want to check that out. however, my problem was the cluster. bad cluster caused the a/c to kick on and off. and the gauges would flip out. first have the alternator checked then check the plug in things for the cluster (pretty easy to get to). anyway hope this helped and like i said the problem i had was on an F150 but you never know.
  3. yukonstein

    yukonstein New Member

    thanks for the ideas davinnyjk09, but it hasn't happened again since then. don't know what it was but everything appears to be normal. go figure...
  4. davinnyjk09

    davinnyjk09 New Member

    Just keep an eye on it. My 150 started out doing this very rarely then it became more frequent. hopefully it was just a fluke for you.

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