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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by rtog, Feb 25, 2010.

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    hi all. New member here. I'm working on a 4x4 rod project that involves dropping a 41 caddie body onto a 1990 suburban k1500. This little effort pushes my familiarity with swap options to its rather modest limit. Here's my current delemma. I can reduce the rear track sufficiently to fit under the caddie fender skirts by building wheels with about 2 inches of positive offset - no problem. But the front is a bit trickier because stock diameter wheels hit the tie rod ends with anything more than about 4 inches of backspacing. Did GM make a corporate 10 bolt front axle that has less track by say about 4 inches than the 10 bolt suburban? Any other ideas about swaps that would serve to reduce the front track by about 4 to 6 inches? Will need to keep the same brake capacity because the final product will be about as heavy as a suburban (+- 1000 pounds). Rex
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    Welcome to the site, sorry I can't help.
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    Welcome to the site. I dont know the answer to your question but sounds like a pretty interesting project you have going there.
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    Welcome to the site!
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    thanks for welcoming me in. I was afraid my problem wasn't going to be a no brainer. I'll bet there's somone out there who has an idea - just got to find her (ha ha).
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    Late 60's/70's GM 4x4's had a narrower track, but the problem even with a narrower axle will be those front springs and the width between them.
    Have you thought about moving the front springs inboard of the frame rails?
    Or find a set of 41 fenders and widen out all 4 fenders?
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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses:
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    narrowing the front track

    I'll check into the earlier 4x4's and see if that might work. There're a couple inches outside the springs before the yoke but any narrower than that would require spring adjustments, true.

    I like the idea of widening the fenders and may continue to play with that concept. I'm not a great body man but clearly wider fenders would be cool. Thanks, and I'll follow up later. Rex

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