Possible power steering pump failure?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by SoundZman, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. SoundZman

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    I've notice, pretty much since I've had this truck, that sometimes when turning (always at low speed) that I can hear and feel a very obnoxious sound under the hood and vibrating through the steering wheel. It almost sounds like a very low pitched horn and feels like a cell phone on vibrate going on in your hand (through the steering wheel). I know it's defiantly something within the steering assembly just not sure what.

    I can usually induce this noise if sitting idle and turn the steering wheel fast from one direction to the other and today I had 3 additional adults then usual in the truck and I was able to hear and feel this much more frequently.

    As well, I've started noticing when I'm trying to perform a 3-point turn, and turn the wheel from one direction to the other I'm starting to notice a momentary loss to power steering...

    This sounds like the PS pump is going out to me....I was wondering if replacing the fluid and throwing in any additive would do any good?

    Any thoughts...
  2. stephan

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    It's hard to say if it'll do any good, but I'd sure try it before spending that kind of money to replace it.

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