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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by esbmann, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Recently lost my first four wheeler to black ice here in Indianapolis back in March, it was a 1998 Z71 that was a cherry. Anyway I am looking at this 2003 Red and Silver Silverado Z71 on AutoTrader.com. Priced at 10,599, has 89,400 miles. 5.3 V8 Vortec. Was a local trade into a Chrysler dealer in Ohio. It had two owners. What is on the Caerfax looks fine. If anyone out there has had experience with this particular year and equipment, I would like to know what to be looking for as far as faults with the truck. Has anyone figured out how to track down a previous owner through the VIN No. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I will tell you that from 03-05 there were problems with the stepper motors in the instrument cluster causing spedometer issues. GM had a service bulletin on the issue. Not sure if the fix was done to the one your looking at or not but if it was not done you may encounter issues.
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    You can call up to your local dealer with the VIN and they can usually tell you over the phone if all of the recalls were done on it or not, they'll tell you over the phone usually.
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    you are not looking at high miles, so that really is not an issue. the 99-on 1500 silvy's are very similar, each has their own quirks, and nothing jumps out from the model as being a problem. Drive it, listening closely for loud noises on shifts, or especially when going into reverse, and back to drive. Take the VIN into the dealer, and they can tell you not only if recalls are done, but also any dealer work that was done to the truck (try to catch them when not too busy, or be ready to wait....you want to get the full story). Sometimes, they will print out the info for you. That info could be critical to your decision.

    good luck...

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