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    Ladies and gentlemen, I come to the forum for help. This is not a drivability problem, a mechanical issue, nor is it safety concern…….It is simply a circle. I will pause for the inherent giggles from people that think this is a non issue, and it may not be. However, it is driving me insane. I thought raising 3 kids in suburban America would drive me over the edge, but so far I am surviving the teen and preteen years of my kids. What is driving me crazy is a small circle on the interior of the passenger side window. It’s a tad bigger than a #2 pencil eraser.
    A little background first. I purchased the truck new in 2011 (2011 LT Crew Cab) here in the Houston area and I had the windows tinted within a few weeks of ownership. I noticed that the tint did not “finish” well on that particular window and had it redone. At some point later I noticed a small circle on the interior of the window. I simply wiped it off thinking that it was a smudge of some sort. Then it reappeared…..and it keeps reappearing in the same area of the window within 48-72 hours of cleaning. Perplexed, I tried explaining it to a friend with a similar truck. As I did I noticed a look on his face of disbelief, much like some that are reading this now. He calls me after he gets home and tells me that he too has a circle in the same area of his window as mine.

    Having found nothing on the web (because who would admit to this problem), I decided to post it here. I will list some specifics about our vehicles in hopes of answering some questions:
    1. Mine is a 2011 LT 2wd, his is a 2010 4x4;
    2. Mine was purchased in the Houston area, his in Louisiana;
    3. Mine stays at 74 degrees, with my kids rolling the windows down and messing with the vents and temperatures constantly, he keeps his cabin area considerably warmer with no children and the window in question never rolls down;
    4. Both were tinted at the same shop, however almost a year apart.
    5. Wiping it off leaves no noticeable residue on the cloth; and
    6. 99% of the time we are the only drivers of the vehicles.
    7. His happens on both the passenger side and driver’s side window, mine is only passenger side.
    8. I have seen a “double circle” (one just above the other, or overlapping)

    I know this is not a life altering problem, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? This has got to be the silliest post some have ever read, and I apologize, but it’s the little things that drive me open Shiner bottles……

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  2. JimmyA

    JimmyA Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I have the same spot! I have had no problems with it till now, I think that I'll take a 0000 still wool pad and buff it off. I'll let you know how it works out tomorrow!
  3. RVJ

    RVJ Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have it too, bugs the crap out of me.
  4. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Ok so the window circle club does seem to be an exclusive club, my 2011 Silverado isnt a member but a friends 2009 and 2013 trucks are.
    When he first mentioned it to me my opinion of him started to drop, then I saw the circles and had to eat some crow.
    On his 2010 truck he did the same as you having the window retinted not once but three times, and you know the results, on his 2013 he knew it was an odd fact of life hed have to live with.
    The tint shop and GM have both looked at his trucks and they dont have an answer either.
    I dont recomend steel wool, itll leave scratchs on the glass and youll have to polish them out. This was already tried on my friends truck and resulted in no change.
  5. Jaele

    Jaele Rockstar 100 Posts

    Pretty sure its a rubber bumper that presses on the glass when the window is rolled down, if you toll is half way down you will notice the window dose not press inwards, so you will not get the mark. If you roll the window all the way down is moves slightly inwards and then it presses on this bumper thingy and it leaves a slight grease mark.

    When I replaced my mirrors I moved the window track slightly and it fixed the issue.
  6. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Good info, [MENTION=51708]Jaele[/MENTION]. Sadly, that smacks of a plant QC problem pertaining to track alignment ... or perhaps a sloppy tolerance.

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