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Discussion in 'Meets & Get-Togethers' started by GMCErica, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. RayVoy

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    You had a wonderful idea Erica; maybe, just maybe it wasn't grand enough (siting here thinking out load with a drink of rum next to me). The US and Canada covers a lot of surface area, maybe the distance and time commitment was just too much, maybe a larger number of locations in more populated areas would work. I think I read a comment of yours saying the success of the local meets was higher.

    Just for example, if in the Maritimes, you/we had a number of locations (say Moncton, Halifax, Saint John, Charlottetown, etc) more may have committed to a 4 hr meet. Like you, I was looking at a number of hours getting there and getting home and adding the overnight time took a lot out of a weekend.

    I told you that I might drop in on the US Northeast meet, if I was going to Ontario that weekend. I didn't go to Ontario that weekend; but if I had, the timing would have had to be good for me to have been in the general area when the meet was happening.

    I guess what I'm saying, is I wasn't close to the local meet and a long distance away from the next one.

    If we had had 50 locations instead of 6 (or 7), we might have had a huge turnout.

    If you want to tackle this again, I will help you.
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  3. 4x4squared

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    i think 50 locations would be slightly expensive and i know it took her a lot of time and planning just to find those 6 or 7. you could go ahead and plan next years and pay for it all yourself, i doubt E would mind.
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  4. RayVoy

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    Good time for sarcasm. Of course 50 sites would be expensive, I don't think I suggested that she should pay for it. The intent here is to come up with a plan that might work, you'd be a lot more helpful with a little constructive sarcasm.
  5. GMCErica

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    You know.. It is so easy for members to complain and judge me and give me their UNNECESSARY opinions and suggestions about the meet and what could be, what should be and what would work... Why don't you go ahead and spend your own money booking all the sites, spending over $300.00 to book the 7 sites... No members offered to help, or give me money, no moderators or Steve offered money... So, it was all me, planning and spending my own money...50 sites??? You go and spend the money to book the 50 sites... You know... I love how you want to tell what I should have done, when No-one else, since the club started planned any big/regional meets, to get the members involved, meeting eachother and showing support...

    If any other members want to gimme their opinion and suggestions about how I could have made the meets better, or worse or what I should have done or could have done, please post it .... I love to see all the negative comments, about something I did for the club and members and not my selfish self... For the first ever regional meets, I worked hard to make them special and memorable, instead members posting negative comments... Thanks guys!!!
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    Sorry, just try to help, I've withdrawn the previous offer.
  7. 4x4squared

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    there was no sarcasm in my comment, whatsoever. did i say you suggested she should pay for it? someone has to though, and there werent a whole lot of donations for these meets.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    Don't take the Crap Erica.. A lot of us know you worked your Butt off to make this work and I think you did A Great job..:great: The Avalanche Club did a Big GTG up at the Falls in Canada a few years ago and it was a Huge undertaking. We did it for 2 years But got a 94 Avalanche turnout From as far away as Tx. But with all the people helping there were still some that had there Opions.... :grrrrrr: One of the reasons we no longer do it..

    Anyway Wish I was there in Mass for the NE GTG Maybe we will plan something else soon. I am already talking to Al....

    I was a little busy this weekend in Md.. DSCF9584.jpg DSCF9558.jpg DSCF9568.jpg Did see a nice GMC there and told the guy about the site.. DSCF9551.jpg
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    photo.jpg photo copy.jpg photo copy 2.jpg photo copy 3.jpg

    Thanks again Erica for all your hard work. I had a great time and so did my 2 kids. We meet some great new friends and memories that will last. Those who did not participate for whatever reason missed a great time. I know my kids are already asking when the next one is.

    I admire your undertaking and I had no idea you paid for these yourself. I am truly thankful. Maybe you should in the future look for sponsorship as taking on these costs is not fair for one person. I'd chip in but this trip was a little more than I had budgeted since being unemployed now 4 months.

    Thanks again and your hard work was not wasted
  10. Als09Sierra

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    Amen. My wife and daughter even showed up even though there was no incentive for them to be there. We met some great people and I can't wait for the next meet.

    Erica: I know you're disappointed, but even getting 5 members to the GTG was a success. I promise you that the next event will be bigger and better. No one can say that you were to blame. I am surprised to hear that you paid for this yourself. Please know that we greatly appreciate your hard work to put this together. I couldn't have done it, and in the coupe of years I've been a member here, can't think of one meet that rivals the amount of time and work you must've put in. Thank you for bringing those of us who could make it together. For those who couldn't make it, try to meet up with your fellow GMTC buddies. There's something to be said about seeing each other's trucks in person and making friends, even if they are Steeler and Patriot fans. :)

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