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Discussion in 'Meets & Get-Togethers' started by GMCErica, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Jaele

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    E I give you mad props, I would have loved to show up but with a 15 month old and living on west coast(about an hour from the shore) the drive was just to great to take on. I hate the drive to our property where we camp that is a little less then 5 hours. I do hope this happens again next year. Friendship is never a thing to waste and I take every opportunity I get to make life long friends.

    Thank you again for all your hard work and all the time you spent on making these meets happen.
  2. Coach24

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    It was an awesome task to take on and you did a good job with a huge mountain to climb. Not getting any support from the club members is unacceptable and you have every right to say your piece. From the beginning I have seen you trudge through the battle field with little support from members and as you said No support from the club hierarchy. This is truly amazing as it could only boost membership and someones pocket book.
    I agree with you that someone else should step forward and organize for 2013. Wanna take bets on whether it will be done or not?
    I am just glad that I slowed down when no one would respond to the thread and spent much less than I planned. After 4 years of medical and unemployment, it was tough financially for me as well. But I made a commitment and I followed through, being a man of my word. I know we had club members within 45 minutes of the park and they failed to make it. Giorge drove over 3 hours and pulled his boat for some enjoyment. I know it cost him greatly just for fuel. Great guy though and I hope to meet up again in near future.
    Luckily I had no hotel bills and fuel was minimal. But I did spend a little over 200 for the grub and charcoal.
    I think this is like voting. If you didn't attend you don't get to judge those that did. Or speak your piece before the event or forever hold your piece?
    Sitting back and looking at it all , could we have done something different? maybe. could others have done more to promote and advertise? YES.

    Ok thats my say. For now. I am still trying to figure the iphone file system out so I can post video and pictures of the Western Meet. Yes I am technically IT challenged.:rofl:
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  3. MoBillyAla

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    Ditto on what @Salesguy1980 and @Als09Sierra have just said, I didn't know that you paid and definitely appreciate the event even more now knowing. As Salesguy said your hard work was not wasted we had a great time! Cannot over-emphasize what a great time me and my family had getting out and meeting the other members and their families and seeing their trucks.

    Thank you @GMCErica !!
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  4. Curky

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    I would have gone to the Midwest meet but do to me getting married this Sat. and taking my vacation time for our honey moon. Plus having my bachelor party local, which was the same day as the meet. That way everyone could make. Sorry for everyone I may have disappointed. My apologies [MENTION=28699]gmc[/MENTION]Erica
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  5. sfdefender24

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    Hopefully if there is another one next year I wont be deployed for it. I wouldve for sure went this year but im currently in a not so wonderful country of afghanistan.
  6. RayVoy

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    Erica, I was out of line last night, I was offering unsolicited advice and I should have know better, my single "desiring to help" brain cell overpowered the single "common sense" brain cell.

    I did not intend negative comments, I apologize if you took them that way, sorry. :redface:
  7. ChevyFan

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    The idea is a good one and in the future we're going to have someone local at each meet be in charge of it with master materials being shared by GMCErica to everyone so there is a a guaranteed turnout. I think that's the missing piece to this puzzle.

    It will end up being broken down like this:

    Overall GMTC Community Organizer
    - {Each Region} Chapter President
    -- {Each Region} Chapter Organizer

    By doing that you have "boots on the ground" and there is at least one person who's all-in on the meet, who will attend, etc. I also think that we're going to have to re-think the locations, get some prizes from vendors, etc.
  8. Spike

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    Thanks E!
    Although we only had four trucks at our meet, we still BBQed, drank and had a great time!
    I made 3 new friends at this meet, friends are priceless!
    Thanks again for your efforts E! I will be there for you anytime.
    Here are some pics. photo.jpg Photo2.jpg photo4.jpg photo5.jpg
  9. Als09Sierra

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    That makes a lot of sense Steve. Having a local organizer gives the members someone to go to with questions. These could be treated much like a car show with prizes and things to do for family members who tag along. It would also help to know where most of our members are from. Let me know if I can help out or fill one of the needed roles.
  10. Salesguy1980

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    I agree with Both of you (Steve and Al) I will be happy to help out as much as I can

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