Post shift kit issues.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by offroadaddict, Jun 20, 2010.

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    so the kit was supposed to fix trouble codes. mine caused one, P0894 or 849, I don't really remember. Either way the cheap AZ scanner said "transmission components slipping". I'll hook the GM scanner up to it Monday and call the Transmission shop we send our work to but in the mean time I would like to know if anyone's experienced this.

    When I finished it, 1-2 shift when I was driving easy was amazing.. The time was well worth it. I installed the TransGo kit thats supposed to fix the 1-2 shifts, TC shudder, some trouble codes etc.


    its fine around town, well I haven't driven it for a really extended distance stop and go.. but I have gone a pretty good distance. This afternoon I was coming down the highway doin 75-80 for 10-15 miles and when I finally stopped and started off again 1-2 shift seemed delayed then BAM. and if i get it up to 3rd, then get it to kick down to 2nd its kinda bumps, then the shift back to 3rd bumps. Reverse to drive/ drive to reverse, with my foot on the brake make a loud clank, over and over if I kept going back and forth..

    Anyways, I had to atleast go drop my friend off so we loaded some stuff up and about 10 minutes later were on our way.. It shifted fine. The 15-20 miles back to his place, again on the highway no problems, no problems when we got to his place.. At this point I'm thinkin wtf?

    So I head home a few hours later, get off the highway. same buckin ****. A few hours later I left to go to a friends, on the way (after a highway trip) It happened again and this is when I stopped into AZ because the MIL had come on. not even 5 minutes passed, hop back in and it shifted fine for a little while.

    since then I went 20 miles one way, drove around Austin, it was shifting like crap, then came home 15 miles and it was shifting like crap again after I stopped at a light.

    I know I rambled on and on.. but I know the more info the better. Once I'm free tomorrow I'm gonna drive it around on back roads stop and go for 30-45 minutes and see if I cant make it screw up.:grrrrrr:
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    My advice would be to park it until you can find time to take it back apart and make sure everything is installed correctly. If you just keep driving it around you can risk damaging the transmission. I think transgo has a video on there website for the installation.
  3. offroadaddict

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    Yea thats what I planned on doing, its a nasty feeling. I'm gonna drop it off at work and tear into it when I get around to it.
  4. offroadaddict

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    Ok, I may have it solved. Someone at work suggested resetting the memory, the shift pressures and everything. I've taken 2 trips on the highway doin 60-70 and it hasn't acted up yet.. The freeze frama data showed both codes being set at 71 and 72 mph in 4th just under 3k. I'll need to make a longer trip with a more steady speed but for now I'm happy.

    Having access to a GM scanner is amazinggggg
  5. offroadaddict

    offroadaddict Rockstar

    turns out the TC wasn't locking up, we have a good relationship with a Transmission shop so I pulled the valve body back out and they went through it for me.. I accidentally put a valve in backwards. truck shifts like a champ now.

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