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Discussion in 'Photoshop Forum' started by 95C1500, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. 95C1500

    95C1500 New Member

    Just like the title say, post the photoshop you did that you think is best! Include the original if possible! Original:[​IMG] New:[​IMG]
  2. I like that chop Scott. This afternoon I will have to pull out the laptop and see what I have.
  3. McClintoc

    McClintoc Super Moderator

    Nice chop Scott! That's a clean looking Tahoe!
  4. 95C1500

    95C1500 New Member

    Thanks guys!
  5. 95C1500

    95C1500 New Member

    bump for more!
  6. McClintoc

    McClintoc Super Moderator

    Can we make requests here? I have a 2001 Silverado extended cab with an all-tan interior. I'd like to replace the carpet with black carpet as well as replace the center console lid with a black lid. I'm curious what it will look like before I do it.
  7. 95C1500

    95C1500 New Member

    pm with pics and what you want done and I'll do it for you :thumbsup:
  8. Not the best by any means, but I do enjoy messing around. All done with Corel Paint Shop




    This one is more pixel art than a photoshop for my avatar gif I made.
  9. 95C1500

    95C1500 New Member

  10. lonelywolf858

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  11. okiemudslinger

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    could someone black out my chrome 00m0m_2mUmvJWIkGG_600x450.jpg

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