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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by gsvar2004, May 27, 2008.

  1. gsvar2004

    gsvar2004 New Member

    I have a 2004 Silverado 4.3l V6 with magnaflow exhaust, k&n Intake system. I dont get very good mpg around 17 for both highway and city it seems no matter how i dirve. I am lookin to improve MPG, and up the horses a little bit. I am not looking to turn my v6 to a beast cuz i know that just wont happen. I am wondering does anyone have experience with the E-con or know anyone who does? I would like to see others opinions on this programmer before i drop 330 on it. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. GoFastPadre

    GoFastPadre Rockstar 100 Posts

    I would suggest a custom tune. they are more cost effective and they can set tables that the handhelds can't. I would also look into some e-fans and an underdrive crank pulley. You could also look into Headers and High Flow cats.
  3. Slow1500

    Slow1500 Rockstar

    Looks like I have a similar setup as you. I'm not sure about the E-con but I have the Max Energy and got a few mpg better, not to mention a bit more power....which should be a tad bit more than the E-con, I think.

    Yeah custom tune is best. I will be getting headers one day by JBA...bout $460... pricey but way cheaper than what I had on my Grand Prix. If your truck is like mine then you already have electric fans.
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  4. gsvar2004

    gsvar2004 New Member


    About how many mpg are you getting? Unfortunately i have not gotten electric fans yet. How important is That? Also do you constantly run 91 93 or 87 gasoline
  5. MWright936

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    From other posts I have read about the E-Con, it is the same as the Max Energy, but does not offer the tune for 93 octane (premium). I don't know that for a fact, but that is what I've heard. I have looked into getting one myself, but just can't afford to drop the cash for it. Plus, I'm wanting to get exhaust before I get the programmer. I'm getting about 17.5 mpg on my truck (avg city and highway).
  6. Slow1500

    Slow1500 Rockstar

    Well, before I started modding I got 17.89 on my first tank(I've only had the truck a couple months or so) and that was on 87 octane. Almost all of that is done in the city and me driving hard sometimes...not too shabby I guess. I haven't really checked my mileage since but just by looking at the gas hand I am getting more miles per 1/4 tank...can just tell it's better. The Max Energy tuner only has settings for either 87 or 93. I have it programmed for 93.

    I guess about the only difference between mine and yours is the electric fans, then.. mine came stock with them. I know it can help free up a couple hp...not amazing but anything helps.

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