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  1. 454burb

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    Hi everyone I have a bit of a problem I own a 1993 3/4 ton suburban that has hydraulic brakes, and would like to upgrade them into power brakes but don't know howto even begin. If anyone knows a solution to this problem please help a fellow chevy driver out with any information on this. Thanks alot
  2. Jimmiee

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    The cheapest way to do it and to be sure you get all the parts you need go to a wrecking yard and get the whole brake booster, linkage rod, and master cylinder with all the bolts and hardware. It's an easy swap. Make sure you get one from the same year without anti-lock brakes. You could buy the parts new but you wouldn't exactly what all to order.
  3. 454burb

    454burb New Member

    well i just found out that i have a hydroboost setup and they are said to be great and reliable. On the other hand my pedal is very spongey and the lines have been bleed no air in them have new brakes all the way around does any one how to fix my problem. oh yea all the lines are fine no collapsed lines or holes in them at all
  4. Jimmiee

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    I hate to tell you this but if your pedal is spongy there is still air in the system. You may need to power bleed the system to get all the air out. The reason the pedal is spongy is air compresses where a liquid does not.
  5. rowekmr

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    This is the same problem I am having with my 99 Suburban 2500 and the local Pep Boys (chain auto repair) has a $40 special where they flush the brake fluid. I asked them does this also include a bleed and they said yes. Anyone familiar with this procedure and know if it will cure my spongy pedal? Could it also be the master cylinder?

  6. unplugged

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    Joe, my personal recommendation is that you take you vehicles to a mechanic rather than a corporate repair facility that is trying to make a sales quota. Rather than be drawn in for an inexpensive service and leave with a large repair bill, try a shop that has been in your town for 10 - 20 years that has a reputation for quality service. Google "pep boys complaints" and perhaps the 36 thousand hits will change your mind.

    If the brake fluid is dark and cloudy, I'd recommend a fluid flush. Either DIY, or take it to your mechanic.

    Learn more about brake fluid flush at: Popular Mechanics

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