Power Door Lock Issue

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by carpdog4, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. carpdog4

    carpdog4 New Member

    I have a 99 Chev Suburban 2500. The key fob works fine to lock unlock doors, however all of the interior switches do not work. No blown fuses, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Rivieraracing

    Rivieraracing Member

    Did they ever work? Have you done any kind of work on your rig and then after that they stopped working? Also, with our trucks, I would check ALL of your fuses, every one of them, sometimes GM ties in circuits into other ones but only labels the main circuit at the fuse!
  3. eallanboggs

    eallanboggs New Member

    You have to start at the master power switch pod on the drivers door. Is power coming in to the drivers switch pod? Is there a lockout switch? Is it working? You need a schematic and DVOM
  4. carpdog4

    carpdog4 New Member

    I will check the master power switch pod on the door, Thanks
  5. carpdog4

    carpdog4 New Member

    Yes, they all worked,,, I have done some work (replaced the fan control) unit but they still worked after that, I'll re-check all of the fuses Thanks
    Its not totally frustrating yet because they open with the key fob but I would like the switches on the door to work. I will also check the master switch on the drives side door
  6. eallanboggs

    eallanboggs New Member

    You answered most of your question with your posts. The system works with the key fob, but not directly. That's the dividing point. What is NOT in common to the key fob and the door switches located at the doors? Those are the things you have to look more closely at. The things that are in common are NOT at fault. The locks work using the key fob so that means the solenoids at each door are good. The fuses and relays are good too if they are used by the key fob(use a schematic to be sure which circuits are used by key fob and by the switches at the doors). It makes sense the key fob would use the same fuses and relays as the door switches, but use a schematic to be sure. Is there power at the Master Door Switch. If NOT the slave switches won't have power either. It all starts at the Master Door Switch. You have to use a schematic and DVOM. You have to figure out which connector on the driver switch pod deals with the door switchs and which wires on that connector have power sitting on them when the key is "ON"(need to check grounds too). You can pick up switch pods at a boneyard for under $10 if you can locate one. There must be a RF receiver at each door solenoid since the key fob works, but the switches at the doors do not. If the switch pod in the drivers door(Master) is OK sometimes the wires passing through the door hinge area get damaged.

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