Power extending to power folding mirror swap

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by aka510, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. aka510

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    Has anyone done this before? I have a Silverado extended cab Z71 with power extending trailer mirrors with turn signal and would like to change them to power folding mirrors with turn signal so I don't have to unbuckle and reach over to the passenger mirror when I pull in my carport. Has anyone attempted this before? What should I expect to run into and be prepared for? New wiring harness? New switches? Thanks for any help you can offer me. I haven't bought the mirrors yet (over $600 on ebay right now) so there's no hurry. Maybe I'll try and find someone who wants to swap.

  2. RayVoy

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    Where are the buttons to control the extending of the mirrors? The folding mirror controls are just behind the mirror viewing adjustments, on the drivers door.
  3. aka510

    aka510 New Member

    To extend the mirrors you need to place the switch in the center and then press the adjustment button to the left and to retract press it to the right.

    I have a buddy that has a 2003 Sierra with power folding mirrors. If I remember right it doesn't have any extra buttons for folding but I don't remember how they folded for sure.
  4. RayVoy

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    One button folds them, the other unfolds them.

    Just guessing, but your switch might provide the needed switch operation without changing the Driver's Door Module. If you could get your hands on a folding mirror, I'd try it.
  5. nikkeshelton

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    All depending on wether you have door modules or not you will need to get the door switches (driver & passenger) mirrors of course. Look further on this site, it is a common wish list item.
  6. aka510

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    Here's the verdict for the swap:

    I was able to get the old ones off and the new ones on without too much trouble. The first one took about an hour and the second one took about 20 minutes. Once you've done one, like with anything I guess, it was much easier. The hardest part of the first one was just getting the main harness clip off the module. The little gray clip was a royal pain since I didn't know how to unclip. Once I figured that out it was easy. I got the new ones installed, everything put back together and tested them. Well they work like they should and everything went smoothly.

    But I took it a step further after doing some calling and research and decided to take it to the dealer for a reprogram. The only benefit for having the computer reprogrammed was it opened up the options for these mirrors which was puddle lamps and curb view (curb view can be accessed in vehicle settings from steering wheel). But I'm the kind of person that likes for things to work as they should. They only charged me $50 and was worth it.

    Some advise I would give anyone who wants to do this is to make sure you get those clips and wiring harnesses off without breaking them. All of them come off pretty easily except the main one which is the 26-pin harness I think. And just as important make sure you get them back on and tight. I watched several videos on YouTube which showed how to remove the door panel and all the harnesses.

    Good luck to anyone that wants to attempt this. I thought it was well worth it and recommend the swap to anyone who doesn't want those power extending mirrors any more.
  7. RayVoy

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    Nice work :great:

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