Power folding Mirrors.

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by turo, Feb 20, 2010.

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    :neutral:I have a 2008 gmc sierra SLE, and I upgraded the stock mirrors to the DL8 (power folding, red turn signal, puddle, heated) mirror. I had to do a little mod work because the DL8 has 2 wiring harness and my original (DL3) have 1 harness. I got the puddle lamps to work... Now here comes the tricky part. The 2 wires that come off of the power mirror motor r Yellow and Blue. Only 2 wires, so if you connect them to a battery one way the mirror will fold in. Reverse the polarity and the mirror will fold out. In order to get them to work factory style I would have to purchase the switchboard to control the mirrors and the cpu has to be flashed to DL8 setting. Flashing the computer is pretty expensive and I wondered if anybody knows how I can have a switch (ex. power window switch), mount it to the dash. I'm stuck at how to get 2 wires to function on a power (in/out) switch. I think I need a relay but I have no idea what kind... If anybody knows I would greatly appreciate it..
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    I don't think you need to get the computer re-flashed... You just need the factory switch and harness that controls the folding mirror...
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    power fold

    Hey Turo

    If you just want to add a separate switch you can use a single pole, double throw switch with 2 relays to make the power fold work. I did this on my 08 Sierra this winter and it works well. Hope this helps

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    Thank u guys for the input!!! :happy:
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    to just have a toggle switch, you can make it even easier to torn the mirrors on and off (in and out)

    The easiest way is to go got a trolling motor toggle switch at Academy or any outdoor sporting place.


    the switch takes the input power and output is both forward and reverse (polarity switched).

    I don't know if you can get a momentary style or not....but see if this helps.

    You need a DPDT " Double Pole Double Throw" momentary switch and wire it like this pic http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/att...-how-wire-reverse-polarity-switch-reverse.gif

    this is an example of the rocker switch Amazon.com: 30 Amp DPDT Momentary On-Off-Momentary On Rocker Switch: Automotive

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    I was wondering if you had any issue with the battery being drained after the install? I think it is just coincidence but my battery was drained. I would think the relay's would consume power until the the switch was activated? I got a new battery today so let's see how it goes.. Thanks again for the wiring diagram!! It was a BIG help!!

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