power mirror not working properly - can motor be replaced?

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  1. allterrain

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    Hi all

    the passenger side mirror on my 2009 Sierra Crewcab is not working properly. The left/right mirror positioning does not work, the reverse tilt is slow & hesitates. The only thing that does work is the up/down mirror positioning.

    I thought the mirror would be replaced under my extended Total Warranty but it isn't. The dealership said anything "glass" is not cover under warranty.

    So I am trying to figure out if I can replace the power mirror motor? I found a link to to a GM bulletin to replace motor instead of complete mirror but is for 2005 extented mirror. http://www.duramaxforum.com/forum/exterior/76009-glass-replacement-power-mirror.html

    Can the power mirror motor be replaced? can the power mirror motor be repaired under the extended Total Warranty? Does anyone have a diagram of the power mirror assembly?

    thanks... dave
  2. Pikey

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    I would think that it would be covered, as it is the motor that failed not the actual glass. I would be talking to the service manager, if you don't get results from him can GM customer service. Are you sure that it is the mirror motor and not the switch inside the truck? I don't think that I have ever seen a mirror motor fail, it always ends up being the switch.
  3. GM Customer Service

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    I am sorry to read that you are a vehicle issue regarding your power mirror not working as designed to. I would like to look into this concern for you. Private message me if I can be of any assistance including a brief overview of your issue, contact information, VIN, and dealership.


    Jennifer T.

    GM Customer Care
  4. allterrain

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    on my 2009 truck, there is a switch that control driver mirror and passenger mirror... you just flip the switch to the passenger side mirror.
    then there is a another round switch which control the mirror.... up and down, left & right... and anything inbetween.

    - for the passenger side, the left/right mirror movement does NOT work. the up & down movement works.
    - if I hit the switch to driver side, and press the round switch that controls the mirror movement... everything work. up/down & left/right
    - if the round switch was bad, then I would guess the driver side left/right mirrors would not work.
    - that was my diagnostics 101.

    second, the reverse mirror is flaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. and when it does work, it not smooth. It hesitates.

    and last... the dealership diagnosed it.... and wanted $600-700 to replace & paint/color match the entire passenger side mirror assembly.

    I went to the dealership today (oil consumption test)... and found out that I could get a mirror motor/actuator for $75.

    Let's see what Jennifer from Customer Care can do for me.


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