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    After my hydro booster was replaced (twice) my power steering pump is noisy. It drives me nuts. I am looking at buying a new one. But I have come across some rebuild kits at a quarter of the cost. Has anyone used these? They do not include any bearings in the kit. Just a shaft bushing, orings, and a seal. I am concerned that if I use a kit the noise will still be there. Are these kits primarily for leaking pumps? Thanks for the advice in advance. Added: I will not buy an aftermarket rebuild pump as I just went through six reman alternators in one month. (bearings bad in all of them but one, that one did not put out any voltage). I can get a new pump from GM for $93 with the core charge using an employee parts program. OR I can get a new one, same part number on amazon for $73. It concerns me that the seller on amazon is selling it for less than what I can get it for through SPO. (Fake??)
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