Power Steering Pump?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by blueZ71, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. blueZ71

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    If I crank the wheels all the way either direction the power steering pump makes a clicking noise, when I'm at a dead stop and need to turn the wheels I have to power brake to help the power steering pump kick in so I can turn the wheel, and lastly if I'm coasting into a turn I have a hard time turning the wheel as the pump seems not to be assisting me with steering so I tend to take turns with my foot into it a bit. This all leads me to believe my power steering pump needs replacing (although please correct me if I'm wrong..)

    So my real question here is, which pump do I need? Autozone has 4 different ones listed (and ACDelco 2) on the website for a 2000 silverado 5.3 w/4WD. With or without a resorvoir and with vacuum booster or hydrobooster? Thanks guys!
  2. Z71_guy

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    well the reservoir is just if you want to have a new one or reuse your old one, hydro boost correct me if im wrong is the p/s assisted braking there will be lines running from the p/s pump to the master cylinder area
  3. blueZ71

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    It's 57 for the ACDelco part on www.gmpartsclub.com with a 70 core charge... Anyone had experience with this retailer?
  4. Z71_guy

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    cant say i have ever used them before, i usually go with napa or or another local store

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