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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by 08silverado3500hd, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. 08silverado3500hd

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    1990 Silverado 3500 - have had a squeak or tweet for over a year that I can not find. Replaced the belt, idler pulley, and the belt tension pulley but didn't solve the problem. -4F here in Ft. Ashby WV this morning, let the truck warm up for ten minutes before heading to work. Steering was so stiff this morning that I had to drive with both hands. After a thirty minute drive the steering was only slightly better. My question is will the low temperatures make the power steering fluid thick enough to account for the hard steering or is it more likely the power steering pump going bad.

    Hope everyone is staying warm.
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    The other night I plowed the city of Detroit residential streets for 16 hours, the temp was -15. When I got to my truck it hardly turned over (battery is less than 6 months old, I run synthetic oil so it does not thicken in cold weather as much as conventional) my door actuators did not want to work and could not unlock the drivers door. When I finally got it, I let it warm up for 15 minutes, my steering was stiff, but not nearly stiff enough that I had to use both hands. When was the last time you changed your ps fluid out? Could be contaminated.
  3. 08silverado3500hd

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    Blew a power steering line last year so less than a year since a complete fluid change. Steering was stiff again this morning but fine this afternoon. Warmed up above 35 here today. Going to try a fluid change this weekend.
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    If your fluid is at the correct level and it is clean and not real old, the steering should not be affected by that low temperature. Maybe it is a little more resistance than normal, but not like what you describe. I would consider flushing the steering fluid and putting in new stuff, see if the problem is fixed. If not, I would consider a new power steering pump or you can rebuild the one you have if you have the time and confidence to do the job.

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