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    I hope someone can direct me to the right answer . . .

    I have a black 2003 TB EXT with 72K miles. Yesterday my 4-year-old was playing with the window and somehow the cable to the motor assembly on the power window snapped. I removed the door panel and all seems to be in working order--after we were able to get it untangled.

    It eats my lunch thinking of going to the dealership for repair when this looks like something i can repair myself.

    However, I need a little direction. Is there a book of some sort that i can purchase with all of the little secrets I need to know?

    I just replaced my battery last week for the first time, and now the window. I have this feeling I'm going to be making a few repairs here and there and would certainly like a manual with details.


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    Post subject: power window cable repair

    Yep, had this issue as well with my 2003 TB. The regulator (what some folks call the track) needs to be replaced. My cable was busted as well, but you can't buy just the cable- as per the typical GM fashion, you gotta buy the whole thing. The real problem- there is no aftermarket part available, and the dealer wants a little over $200 bucks for the part. Luckily, when I bought my TB, I bought an extended warranty, so it cost me only $100 bucks (for the deductable).

    That was pure luck....

    BTW, more luck !: the extended warranty has paid for itself- since then I had a leaking seal in the stearing, and I spun a bearing in the rear axel. The spun bearing was an expensive one- the total bill was about $1600.00. Once again, it turned out that you cannot buy the part that was broken (just the bearing), you have to buy the whole rear end (and guess what- there was no 3rd party after-market parts, once again !).

    I'll definately buy the extended warranty next time around. (it was through Performance, not GM)

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.... Good Luck !
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    Also, if you want to try to fix it yourself, there is a Haynes manual you can get at Advance Auto Parts that covers the repair....

    Book # 24072

    It's in chapter 11-13. Knowing its' a $200 part and after seeign what was involved, you reconsider doin it yourself....

    Good luck

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