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    I have a 93 C1500. I have power windows and locks. One day out of the blue the passenger window would not roll down. I tested to see if it would roll down from either side and would not work. the locks still work though. I thought it was the window motor because it wasn't making any noise when i would try rolling it down. So i went to the junkyard and got a replacement. They tested it before i bought it so i know that can't be it. I installed it and it still does not work. We've also tested to see if there is any power going to the switches and there is. So i'm thinking its the actual switches themselves. has anyone had this problem? or have any advice?
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    Check wiring diagram and find the wire that provides the power to that windows. If memory serves me correctly and all vehicles are the same all the power goes to the driver's side first. If there is a problem at the driver's side then the passenger side will also fail - kind of like the christmas tree light effect where you unplug one and the all go out. Well, almost like that.. it's a little one sided in this case where if you pull out the light bulb out of the driver's door the light in the passenger door will go out as well.

    Whatever! Anyhow... once you've located the wires check to make sure you have power going in and power going out to the passenger side. If you have power, hit the up or down button and check the appropriate wires. If you don't see any voltage, then the switch needs replaced... or wiring needs checked around the switch. If you have power then move to the passenger door and do the same check. If you have power going in and coming out when you hit the buttons then you'll know it's not a wiring/switch/power problem.

    Anyone else..?.. that sound about right? (I hope so, that's how I checked a same problem when it happened in another vehicle!)
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