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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by zamjohn, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. zamjohn

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    Came home today with my 01 Chevy and passenger power window would only roll down about 1 inch. Able to roll back up but it always came down to same spot when attempting to roll down. Pulled the door panel but I'm not familiar with pulley and cable system GM employed on this truck. The window motor seems to pull hard but you get the impression that something is jamming(maybe like a cable rolling over itself inside the motor. Worked good last time I used it about a week ago. No accidents or bad bumps. Any ideas on what might be the problem or maybe illustrations to help understand how this system is supposed to work? Thanks
  2. zubbiez

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    try spraying some lubricant on the cables It work for me
  3. zamjohn

    zamjohn New Member

    Power Windows

    Will try that tomorrow. Got dark on me over here today. Thanks!
  4. 2ToNe04

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    spray white lithium greese on the rail

    also check that your weatherseal thing isnt getting in the way of window, it has one bolt on it. youll know what i mean when you see it.

    Also make sure that the little plastic things are on the rail and hopefully they didnt rail off theyre bitch to rail them back on.
  5. zamjohn

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    The Motor is good and I believe I found my problem. The cable running down just outside the the cable housing is badly frayed and it looks like it would only travel about an inch. That means a complete new regulator with the motor I guess. Thats about $120.00 here where I checked. The other option I'm thinking of is running a new cable which would cost about $5.00 and the cable is easy to get. I would still have to pull the complete regulator assembley. Has anyone out there ever done this(runnning new cable)? If so I would appreciate any tips you might have. Thanks! Zamjohn
  6. zamjohn

    zamjohn New Member

    Just to finish off this post, I did attempt to replace the torn cable only and it appears successfully. It took a bit of time and some ingenuity in designing an end to hold the cable in the drive pulley. I did get it just a tad tight but it works fine and spent about $5.50 in cable and housing as opposed to $134.00 for new regulator and motor. Encourage anyone out there with same problem try the repair and save. It can be done...zamjohn

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