Pre-purchase questions...01 Suburban 2500LT 8.1l

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    Hello All...

    I am looking at purchasing a used local 01 2500 Suburban LT 4x4 with the 8.1 motor and autoride. It is a 2 owner with 105k, the first owners were a local family who had it for 10yrs and pampered it to 85k. The second owner was a local biz guy who used it 6mos for towing and added the addl 20k to bring it current, supposedly he flips trucks pretty regularly I am told. It has spent all its life at the same dealer so I have all service records and also had a local mechanic look it over. He flagged a noise/clunk in front differential when shift into 4wd, brake fluid dark, brakes 50%, 3rd row seat stuck open, and left headlight dim...

    Service records show (just posting the major was maint etc)
    new tires...pre-sale conditioning
    new cam position sensor 105k...pre-sale conditioning
    new ps pump & line 105k...pre-sale conditioning
    new alternator 105k...pre-sale conditioning
    new fuel pump, filter, relay 100k
    new starter 100k
    new idler & pitman arm 100k
    new trans cooler lines 100k
    new sparkplugs and wires 76k
    new oil cooler lines 76k
    at & brake flush 76k
    new battery 69k
    new crank pos sensor 69k
    flush fuel system 61k
    new fuel filter 60k
    replaced rear exhaust 51k

    From what I researched these seem to be the items that are typically trouble spots on this vehicle...fuel pump, crank sensor, ps pump, idler/pitman so I feel good knowing all this has been replaced already and I wont have to but I read about the crankshaft position sensor issue shutting down the truck and I was wondering if it is FIXED completely now or will it just happen again with the new sensor? Does the replacement crank sensor fix the issue or is it just a new old sensor? I would hate to be towing the camper and shut down on the freeway with the wife and kiddos...I had a jeep that had a bad cam sensor and shut down while doin 60mph on a feeder road...not fun!

    Any experience with the autoride system? Reliability, serviceability etc...

    Overall advice? We are looking at this as a family tow vehicle/grocery getter and will put less than 5k max a year on it...we used to have an 03 z71 sub so we know and like these trucks but are new to the 8.1 and 2500 series.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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