Premium vs regular unleaded fuel.

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  1. j cat

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    with the engines in these vehicles and operating with a light load you will not see much improvement in any way with the 93 octane.

    If your towing /hauling then the 93 octane does help with reducing knock which will reduce timing and cause low MPG/power.

    if you do a MPG test to compare the MPG between the two octanes also the increased cost of the 93 octane you will find the 93 costs more per mile than the 87 .

    some brands have detergents some do not. 93 octane of some no name brand does not mean it has any cleaners in it or burns cleaner. the engines are designed to burn clean with the OEM 87 octane fuel . if not then you fail the emission test/check engine light on.

    with any tuners/pcm tweaking 93 octane will make the engine run stronger but you have changed the PCM programing to run on the 93 octane.

    I run 87 unless I plan on towing my 4,000lb boat then 93 is used.

    the only place I could find non ethanol fuel was in Oregon state. perhaps Canada.
  2. stchman

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    If the vehicle doesn't say "Premium Fuel Only" I run with plain old 87 octane. I do not like the "Flex Fuel" tho, I think there is not enough savings compared to the lower mileage. Just my .02

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    I do however run a can of SeaFoam thru my vehicle when I change the oil (roughly every 5k miles)
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    MY mistake, Yes it was the 21st, but I think you get my drift ? . . . Or becomes a department unto itself.
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    As you know, Flex fuel is every where in Michigan. But, I thought that the entire idea of flex fuel was to reduce foreign oil dependency and reduce fuel cost. I see E-85 often priced 5-10 cents lower than regular. sometimes it is more expensive than regular. For the mpg loss it is just not worth it. If it were $1 less a gallon then I may buy it.
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    Sorry I didnt read umteeen hundred post in this thread but heres my 02cents.High milege engines require more octain while newer ones dont.Our engines are low compression which means they designed to run on 87 octain..I`lll run + or premium once in a while when I go on a road trip seems to run better and I get a couple more miles mpg.My truck is an older truck the ethanol in the gas is riuning parts in my tb.Its garbage our goevernment is forcing this stuff on us.The only place I can buy ethanol free gas is the boat marinas.
  7. nickgiacalone

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    I agree. Like I stated, if I was saving money or breaking even, I'd run it. But, I'm not going to run a "cleaner" fuel just to spend more in the long run.
  8. stchman

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    Premium gas will not give you a 2MGP increase. You'd be lucky to see .1MPG increase.

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    My new 2013 is flex fuel capable. I'd run E85, but the problem is that E85 is only $0.20 cheaper. I think the next time I fill up, I'm going to run a tank of E85 and see how badly my mileage is hit.

    I have been getting ~17MPG with mostly highway and some city running 87 octane E10.
  9. tbplus10

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    Try running high octane Aviation fuel itll increase your MPG but not enough to justfy the $8.64 a gl price tag.
  10. AC`s94chevy

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    Run that for too long you your pistons while have nice holes in the middle of them.LOL

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