Priced Right Auto in Marn, MI ~ Yukon XL 2500 after body work (PICS)

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by yukonxl2500, May 10, 2011.

  1. yukonxl2500

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    Paid $700 for this work. As you can see, it is very incomplete. Whatever the guy knew he was gonna cover up, he didnt do.

    leftfenderust.jpg rightrearwheel (2).jpg doorust.jpg Passengerdoorust.jpg rightrocker.jpg
    more pics to come
  2. yukonxl2500

    yukonxl2500 New Member

    More Pics

    paintoverust.jpg leftrocker.jpg leftside.jpg leftrearwheel.jpg

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  3. yukonxl2500

    yukonxl2500 New Member

    more pics

    driverdoorcorrosion.jpg rightrearwheel.jpg

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  4. yukonxl2500

    yukonxl2500 New Member

    Went to the body shop (Priced Right Auto in Marn Michigan) yesterday after the guy missed an appointment he made to come see the truck. He told me he cant guarantee rust so he wont re do it for free and then tried to get me to have him do more work. Seems to me like paint shouldnt be bubbling after three weeks right? You can see the guy's quality of work. He went really cheap on paint (it still feels tacky after 3 weeks) you can still see the lines from sanding through the paint behind the wheels, he painted over the rust inside my doors, didnt do anthing to the rust outside my doors and left the back side of the rocker panels completely rusted out, he didn't tape anything off so now I have glossy silver wheel wells, left the fenders rusted and put my fender flares on with silicone instead of the automotive tape that was there before. He went over his estimate by $150. He also did my brother's car, it's even worse. I'll post pics of his later today. Don't ever use this guy.
  5. mfleetwood

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    Ouch! Looks terrible. So sorry things turned out so badly.
  6. jbjohnson92f

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    wow, that sucks man
  7. tbplus10

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    Alright ya might think I'm a prick but you got a $700 job, this is a case of getting what you paid for.
    I'm sure he promised a lot more than this, the truck would look better than new.
    He's probably got some happy customers out there that havent noticed the shoddy work he's putting out.
    Did you get the job priced out by other body shops? What was their estimate? I'm guessing somewhat higher than his.
    Oh and the car he showed you to guarantee he does good bodywork, thats either owned by him, his family, a shop employee, or a good friend.
    Unfortunately this might cost more to fix now than the original estimates you got depending on how he fixed things, thay have to clean up his mess now.
    Probably the only recourse that'll get you any type of satisfaction is placing a complaint with the BBB, but he probably doesnt care about their ratings if this is his normal type work habit.
  8. yukonxl2500

    yukonxl2500 New Member

    No man its cool most places came in well over a grand. im guessing they would have done the prep work and welded new steel in. there were holes in front of and behind the rear wheels. I went up there to pick up the other car and there were steel patches only in front of the rear wheels where it was the worst. the rest was bondo. i was reffered to this guy by the family mechanic. hes a family friend and i thought he would point me in the right driection. I'm thinking about maybe getting it line-x'd up to the first body line before the summers done. anyone have experience with the stuff? would it ruin the look of my truck?
  9. silveradotrailblazer

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    Sorry yukonxl2500, but I have to agree with tbplus10. $700.00 was WAY TO CHEAP for all that work. Consider it a lesson.
  10. yukonxl2500

    yukonxl2500 New Member

    Work on my brothers car

    This is what he did to my brother's 1997 ford taurus SHO after he drove it into a ditch and tore everything off the bottom, including the rusted rocker panels. Can anyone explain what the foam stuff in place of the rocker panels on the driver's side is?
    SHOcenterfoam.jpg SHOrust&foam.jpg SHOrearightside.jpg SHOnofoam.jpg SHOdoorfoam.jpg

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