Priest, thief, and engineer

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    A priest, a thief and an engineer are all slated to be executed by guillotine. The priest is to be dispatched first and the executioner asks him:

    “How do you want to face on the guillotine?”

    The priest responds:

    “With my face up, looking toward heaven.”

    The executioner accedes and the priest is laid face up on the guillotine. The executioner pulls the cord; the blade drops, and then miraculously stops within mere inches of the priest’s neck. The gathered witnesses gasp in astonishment. Everybody agrees that it is a miracle and sign of divine intervention and the priest’s life is spared.

    The thief is next. When the executioner asks how he’d like to be positioned the thief responds:

    “With my face up, looking toward heaven.”

    The executioner complies, and the thief is laid down face up. The cord is pulled. The blade falls, and, as
    with the priest the blade stops inches from the thief’s neck. Again the witnesses gasp. They can understand
    a miracle occurring with the priest but with a thief! Nonetheless, they take it as a sign from God, and release
    the thief.

    Finally, it’s the engineer’s turn. Like the other two he wishes to be executed face up, looking toward heaven. The executioner lays him down, but before he can pull the cord the engineer yells out:

    “Stop! Stop!”

    The executioner pauses, and the engineer, looking up at the guillotine says, “I think I see the problem.”
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    THANKS I needed that.
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    Sweet:rofl: is that the same engineer that thought it would be a good idea to hang the the wire harness and controller box / fittings for the abs breaks with a 6" drop loop in the drivers side front wheel well........lmao... mentally preparing myself for when the terrain rips it apart on one of my tracks lmao, i will think of this post when that day comes ......
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    Yup, same engineer/ or group of engineers . Goal is to get parts business more revenue.

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