Pro Comp's new Accu Pro Calibrator For GM 2011 4.8/5.3/6.2L gas engins - $60

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    Opened box NEW.
    I got a Jeep now so don't need the GM calibrator anymore.

    Engine size: 4.8/5.3/6.2L

    Pro Comp's new Accu Pro Calibration Tools are the perfect upgrade for lifted vehicles with larger wheel and tire combinations or gear ratio changes. Accu Pro Calibration Tools plug directly into your vehicle's diagnostic port for easy installation. The Calibration Tools can read and clear vehicle DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes). Accu Pro Calibration Tools also calibrate speedometer and odometer for tire size and differential gear changes. No more wondering how fast you are traveling or what the true miles on your vehicle really is. Get accurate as required by law...Get Accu Pro!

    Accu Pro Speedometer and Odometer Calibrator
    Adjusts for tires up to: 54"
    Adjusts for tires down to: 24"
    Adjusts for gear changes: Yes
    Reads trouble codes: Yes
    Upgradable= Yes

    Email me for Photos if wanted.
    Text me @ 2702501256 if interested

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