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  1. neva duplicated

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    ok here it goes i noticed when i put my truck in park the button u got to push in order for the truck to shift gears gets stuck in sometimes i turn my truck off and the key dont turn all the way because the little button to shifter is stuck what could i do to fix the problem when i press the button a couple of times it comes out i have a 04 trailblazer
  2. chevygurl

    chevygurl Rockstar

    The leather boot on the shift selector is quite thick. It sounds like what happens on mine: the boot slides down a little and gets caught in between the plastic trim and the shifter itself. It stops the shifter from going all the way into park, and a safety feature of the trailblazers is if the car's not in park, you can't shut the key off (inconvient when trying to get the instrument cluster bezel off, btw)

    Try pulling the boot up a little when it happens and push it further towards park and see if it slides in and clicks.

    If this doesn't work, it's probably the spring in the handle itself is misaligned or worn. There's a little screw on the front of the handle to remove it. The $15 Haynes manual on Trailblazers explains how to do it - the '02-'03 book will cover all the way up to '06.

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