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    Apparently my 03 Avalanche is is going to have to have a new paint job on the hood. According to my body shop the 5.3 motors build a lot of heat and it being black doesnt help it. My hood has almost turned a grayish black color. It looks really bad. They quoted me about $400 to strip it and repaint it. Is there any other options to this that any one my know of? Also if the motor builds that much heat is there any thing i can do about reducing the heat? I just dont want to have to go through this again a few years later. Thanks for any info.
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    Does your truck have a heatshield on the underside of the hood?
    Truthfully though this has never been an issue with the 5.3 engine, GM has had different paint issues over the years but heat from the 5.3 hasnt been a part of that problem. It doesnt generate more or less heat than any other engines.
    Have you tried Color Back wax or rubbing compound then a good wax to solve this problem?
    If it doesnt work your only out a little time and $$ for the supplies, if it does work you could save a few hundred $$.

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    x2.....on what tbplus10, has mentioned, I would add that if the Hood over the Years, has Not been...Polished and Waxed on a Regular Basis, it could cause the Hood to....turned a grayish black color......

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