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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 58mark, Aug 21, 2013.

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    My electric controls on my drivers seat work fine, except for the back and forth. Is there a way to replace just the motor of these without replacing the entire track? Not too many of this year in junk yards around here. Most are the later style and the harnesses are different.

    attached is the style of seat track I have on my truck

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  2. You can definitely just replace the motor, what year is it?
  3. 58mark

    58mark New Member

    sorry, thought I put that.

    it's a 95. Who sells the motors?
  4. 58mark

    58mark New Member

    yeah I've had the same luck. It sucks paying that much for a part that old that may be on death's door when it arrives

    I have the seat in a position now that both my wife and I can drive it, which is tricky because I'm 6'8" and she's 5' 6". I'd like to be able to move it back for me because we're taking a 2500 mile road trip next summer and it will be a lot more comfortable for long hauls

    is there a manual seat track I can replace it with? did these trucks come with manual seats?
  5. 58mark

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    Found a seat track and a switch today. It just dawned on me today that it could be the switch that's out, but you never know

    It's too freaking hot here to put it on today. I'll wait until next week

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