problems with radio and door chime

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by countryboi, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. countryboi

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    hi i got a 03 gmc 1500 it has a aftermarket kenwood in it and i did not install it but the other day i decided to put a aux cord to it and had to pull it out. before everything worked fine and no problems now it only plays with the ignition on and not running with i giggle the shifter but only plays for a few secs and the door chime as well. the door chime does only works when the radio wants to. if i turn the key once forword it will work all the time and play and chime. but it will not work when running. i have checked fuses and everything is ok i dont know what i did and called two shops and they have no idea either. iam thinking either a bad ignition or short somewhere. if theres any advice please let me know. you can emial me at[MENTION=31637]gma[/MENTION] thanks !!
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  2. DannyT08

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    hows it goin? ive had the same problem wit my 05 chevy did u install the radio or did a shop??? on 03 anf newer gm u have to put a brain box(idk if that the actual name of it but thats wat i call it) in wen u put a aftermarket radio/cd player inthats wat the problem was wit mine the brain box had a short in it ... i had mine hooked up without a brain box but it got rid of my door chimes completly and the radio would turn off with the ignition
  3. sstoner911

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    Make sure every thing is connected...the door chimes on the NNbS trucks works via the radio/Onstar....any time you install an aftermarket deck you need an adapter to retain the door chimes etc..
  4. Scooter

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    i have the 06 silverado and if you dont have onstar you dont need the adapter, you just loose the door chime, for me i was happy not to have that.
  5. sstoner911

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    Yes and no....if you don't install the PAC adapt you lose all warning sounds ie turn signal click, seat belt chime, door chimes. Etc...
  6. supra92

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    You always need the pac adapter from 2003 to 2011 always, if you don't use it the BCM can turn on the thef systen and lock the ignitions system in the worse case,
    you first will lose the warnings, lights on, door open, key on the ignition, low fuel, air bag warnings, couple of months later the airbags stop working and vehicle gets hard to start in the mornings
  7. sstoner911

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    I have never heard of that.. I don't have it on my 08 and have had no problems that you describe ...i dont have my seat belt chimes door chimes or onstar..but thats not a problem!
  8. zigger215

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    Uh....completely unrelated to the harness kit. sstoner is completely right about not using the PAC mod

    To the initial poster. You probably have a GMCO in your truck. Do I have onstar and Bose? The GMCO was one of the first solutions for interfacing with the CAN system (notice I didn't say CAN-BUS system which is the revised version of the CAN system, the CAN system came out in 03 and the CAN-BUS system was released in 04, the GMCO harness interface doesn't work very well with the CAN-BUS system.). Back to the point. The GMCO modules have a notorious failure rate that cause symptoms like you are describing.
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