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    Today I installed the WhiteNight-Backup Lighting System made by Byers Precision. The box was packed very well. It included everything I needed to install the system on my 2005 GMC Yukon XL. Included was: The WhiteNight backup system, the relocating bracket for the stock 7 pin trailer wiring harness, all the wiring with quick connect clips, Di-electric grease and the "Plug N' Go" 7 pin trailer wiring adapter,
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    The 3 way switch, On, On with reverse, Off
    Inside of unit, All connections coated in
    Di-Electric grease

    First impressions:
    When I opened the box, it was packed very well to ensure that the product was not damaged during transit. When first looking at the outer case, enclosed hardware and instructions, I was impressed. The plastic case has nicely cut edges, not sharp or evenly cut like many other cheaply made products I have seen. The enclosed mounting hardware was nicely bagged and seems to be of a good quality. When I first looked at the directions I was pleasantly surprised, They made sense! The directions were complete and to the point. They told me that for constant voltage to my trailer plug I needed to install a fuse, then told me the location of where the fuse goes. It also contained the correct information for the wire colors that I needed to connect to.

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    Drilling 1/4" hole Relocation Plate mounted


    This install was really easy. It would have taken less than 10 minutes if I was not so picky. First, I removed the stock trailer plug marked a hole in the bracket and drilled one 1/4" hole. The bracket mounts with 2 included bolts and nuts. Next, you split the light unit case in half. There is an included u bolt that mounts the back half of the unit to the hitch. It is that simple, slide the back half of the case over your hitch, put the u-bolt in and tighten it up. The case snaps back together and 2 small black plastic screws are inserted into each end to secure the halves together. There is also an option to use RTV around the case to seal it. I did do that also.

    With the Plug N' Go this is really easy. You plug it into your trailer plug and the wire harness running from the plug n go goes to the system. Alternatively, you can hard wire the system in. The kit includes 2 wire clips for fast connections of the positive and reverse wires, the ground wire has an large ring terminal mounted on the end. This is what took me most of my time. I decided to solder my connections rather than use the quick clips. I soldered the two connections, wrapped them in electrical tape, reinserted them into the wire loom and taped the loom. I did have a small piece of loom laying around so I also put the wires from the unit to the trailer wire harness in loom. I also coated the connector to the unit in DI-electric grease and wrapped it in tape, because they tend to dump a lot of salt on the roads here.

    IMG_0614.jpg IMG_0618.jpg IMG_0622.jpg
    Wire soldered and mounted in wire loom Finished Product With Ball mounted

    When I put my Yukon in reverse with the stock lights, I could hardly see anything behind me. With the WhitNight Backup Lighting system installed I can see excellently! It is like having head lights on behind me. I am posting a few pics, the black pics are of just mey reverse lights.
    IMG_0623.jpg IMG_0633.jpg

    Stock Reverse Lights, parked in same location as above pick.

    I have found this product to be high quality and it works as intended. I would recommend this product. I can't wait to load the boat on the trailer this spring in the dark! (the ice on the lake prevents this today) I only have one concern about the product. Which is not a product issue. I fear that one of my kids will try to step on it. I guess time will tell.

    I would like to Thank @Enkeiavalanche For the great contest, I would also like to thank Rob at Byers Precision for the generous prize!

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    An added note: The manufacturer states that fresh water submersion is ok for the unit. Salt water is not. Sealing the unit is to keep the salt from my roads out of the unit. I am not concerned with water submersion, if I have my 23ft boat trailer with a 19ft boat in the water that deep then I have other issues. Generally when launching the boat my rear tires don't even get wet. It is also recommended that if your receiver tube is open on the back that you close it off and seal it to prevent water intrusion into the unit. I ordered a rubber plug for it for around $4, I will silicon it and install it on the backside of the tube to seal it off. I like this product so much that I am considering installing one on my wife's new Grand caravan. Not for launching the boat but, for the added light when backing up, plus with the 3 way switch, being able to turn it on when you need added light for loading would be helpful.

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    Nice review glad to see you got it fast and installed.. I am still over seas but will be home soon..

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    Today was the first time my wife has been in my truck since the install. It was after the sunset and I put it in reverse a few houses down the road because we had forgotten the diaper bag. Her reaction was, "Oh My! That borders on ridicules!" I asked her why she found the light to be close to ridicules. She said, "because I can see 7 houses down the street, that is pretty nice, I could never see at all when you backed up and just trusted your judgment, how many watt are they each? and how many bulbs?". At this point I have to say that I am very happy with the white knight. Kind of concerned about her seeing where I am backing up, but happy!
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    Glad you and Her like them.. No more garbage cans will be hit when you back up...:sign0020:

    I'm looking into a Group buy for the members here...

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