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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by pat08silverado, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. pat08silverado

    pat08silverado New Member

    I hve an 08 silverado with a 5.3 and a flowmaster american thunder exhaust and I have been thinking about getting an edge evolution programer and I want to see if it was a big increase in power. thanks pat
  2. DrewsZ71

    DrewsZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I was thinking about the same thing, but i went with the pro comp power pro tuner. Its made by hypertech, Im really not a hypertech fan but it was on sale and i thought i'd try it. I have a NBS Z71, and so far im pretty impressed. It actually gave it a nice power increase. I also have a magnaflow exhaust system on mine. Just a little food for thought for ya.
  3. pat08silverado

    pat08silverado New Member

    thanks for the help I wanted to get the edge becaue I dont wan to reprogram the computer. what was the power gain that you got with the one you installed. the edge claims 40 hp and 40 ft p
  4. javojjaaf

    javojjaaf Member

    you know you get better control and better results with a computer tune and its not as scary as it sound. take a look at and look at the order form to see what im talking about. i had a 04 canyon done and it was like night and day diff. two wheel drive reg cab came with about a 27 or 28 inch tall tire, i lifted it 3" and put 32X11's on it and had the tune done and it felt like i never did those things to it! they corrected the speedo reading, accounted for my intake and exhaust, the altitude where i was living and what ever else i could think of...and the best part is it was only $99! i gained about 26 hp on the dino with premium gas. check it out
  5. pat08silverado

    pat08silverado New Member

    wwere did you get it tuned. will it void the warrenty. the only reason I wanted the edge was it dosent leave anything in the computer. so the dealer would never know. thanks let me know how and were you got your truck tuned. thanks pat
  6. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    so is that to say that hypertech leaves traces on the computer??
  7. pat08silverado

    pat08silverado New Member

    I dont know if it does but I like the adjustable power levels the edge offers
  8. javojjaaf

    javojjaaf Member

    im not sure if or how they can tell at the dealer if you have something done to the computer. ill call them and ask monday and let you know. all i had to do is mail my computer in to PCMforless and they sent it back in a few days and i pluged it back up and it ran like a champ. but if you need your vehicle there is other things you can do like they can send you a temp computer with the tune so you can see how its going to be.
  9. pat08silverado

    pat08silverado New Member

    thanks for letting me know
  10. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    i wonder if you can get a trial tune computer

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